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Fair play

Joker ball

It just takes one person to fix a game. In this exercise, the players’ good work is undone by a traitor from within their own ranks.

The participants form two teams (each comprising between eight and ten players). There are also three jokers, who remain in their base camp (measuring 2 x 2m), which the other players are not allowed to enter.

Team One have to complete five passes without the ball touching the ground or being intercepted by the opposing team. The ball is then passed to the first joker, who throws it to the second, who throws it to the third. If the third joker manages to throw the ball back to a player from Team One, they gain a point.

The players are not allowed to take more than three steps with the ball, and cannot keep hold of it for more than three seconds. If the opposing team intercept the ball, they can then try to win points in the same way. The first team to reach 10 points wins!

N.B.: Before the game, it is secretly agreed with the jokers that they will deliberately throw the ball back to the wrong team numerous times.

Equipment needed: A volleyball or another type of soft ball; 12 cones.

Food for thought

At the end of the lesson or session, everyone gets together to discuss their experiences as a group. The participants will have to answer a number of questions: Did everyone play fair? How did the team that was unknowingly competing in unfair conditions react? And what about the winners?

Key messages

  • Fair competition is possible only if all the players abide by the rules.
  • Victory is enjoyable only if it is achieved fairly.
  • Infringements of the rules need to be sanctioned.


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