Fair play


Not all players have the same advantages, and some may be tempted to use underhand tactics to win. Will that be the case in this exercise?

Two players get down on all fours and press their right shoulder against that of their opponent. Which one will manage to push the other all the way to the boundary?

N.B.: Three competitors selected at random beforehand have to take off their shoes. This means that they have less grip on the floor and so have no chance of winning. These participants may resort to unfair means to make up for the disadvantage.

Equipment needed: Potentially cones to mark out the boundaries.

Food for thought

At the end of the lesson or session, everyone gets together to discuss their experiences as a group. The participants will have to answer a number of questions: Did everyone play fair? How did the team that was unknowingly competing in unfair conditions react? And what about the winners?

Key messages

  • Fair competition is possible only if all the players abide by the rules.
  • Victory is enjoyable only if it is achieved fairly.
  • Infringements of the rules need to be sanctioned.